Posted on Thursday April 14, 2016

Europeana Network
1 May 2016 to 31 December 2016
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Audiovisual Media in Europeana

How do we make audiovisual media a first-class citizen on the Europeana portal and in the wider Europeana ecosystem?

The task force formulated recommendations regarding ’audiovisual content in Europeana’ in three specific areas:

1. Improving the use improving search on time-based media (including an assessment of audiovisual media standards in relation to EDM), Multimedia hyperlinking (incl. definition of a pilot / exhibition), Crowdsourcing

2. Accessibility Support of subtitles and multilinguality emerging media formats (playout on mobile devices)

3. Editorial How to embed audiovisual content in Europeana Collections and other Europeana-related sites reusing AV materials assessment of multimedia content (topics) editorial use of AV content externally (length, edit)


Erwin VerbruggenCompany: Netherlands Institute for Sound and VisionCountry: NetherlandsSector: Other


Johan OomenCompany: Netherlands Institute for Sound and VisionCountry: NetherlandsSector: Other
Marco RendinaCompany: Europeana Fashion International AssociationCountry: ItalySector: Other
Julia WelterCompany: German Film InstituteCountry: GermanySector: Other
Maria DrabczykCompany: National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute PolandCountry: PolandSector: Other
Richard RanftCompany: The British LibraryCountry: United KingdomSector: Other
Rodolphe BaillyCompany: Philharmonie de Paris / Cité de la musiqueCountry: FranceSector: Other
Àlex HinojoCompany: Wikimedia SpainCountry: SpainSector: Other