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2 minutes to read Posted on Thursday October 14, 2021

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Fred Saunderson

Fred Saunderson

Rights and Information Manager , National Library of Scotland

Copyright office hours are back!

The Europeana Copyright Community’s ‘Copyright office hours’ offer you a space to ask questions about copyright and digital cultural heritage, get inspired by other approaches and share your knowledge. Find out more and join the next round of sessions! 

Clocks: a watch-maker seated at his workbench with a long-case and a bracket clock behind him, diagrams of movements above his head. Engraving.
Clocks: a watch-maker seated at his workbench with a long-case and a bracket clock behind him, diagrams of movements above his head. Engraving.
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United Kingdom

Between February and July 2021, the Copyright Community Steering Group ran a series of copyright office hours. These sessions provided space for lively and engaging discussion and knowledge exchange on different facets of copyright, including open licensing, re-use, and digital cultural heritage. After reviewing the first run of these sessions and the feedback that we gathered from participants, the Steering Group is pleased to announce a second round of copyright office hours starting at the end of October 2021.

Unlike during the first series of office hours, sessions in this round will each focus on a specific topic. We hope that this will allow you to attend the sessions that most align with your needs and interests.

How it will work

We will set up a call approximately every six weeks. The conversations will be informal, and will not be recorded. The aim is to help each other by taking advantage of being part of such a broad network. 

We will focus each call around a theme. The themes we are considering for the sessions include open licensing, education and learning, a post-Article 14 world, archival material, copyright exceptions, licensing for augmented reality and virtual reality, risk management approaches to rights clearance, social media and promotion and using copyright material for content creation.

You can come with any type of questions that are relevant to you on the theme of the session, from the very specific to very broad. On each call, one or more members of the Copyright Community Steering Group will be there to moderate the discussions and share their thoughts, point you to relevant documentation or showcase examples. Others in the call might also have advice, and if not, we can try to find an answer together. In any case, please note that this will by no means constitute any legal advice. We will also aim to be joined at each session by one or more special guests who are particularly familiar with the selected theme.

Join us

The first of this season’s copyright office hours took place at 1.00pm CEST on 25 October, on the theme of ‘open licensing’. It was hosted by Copyright Steering Group members Karin Glasemann and Fred Saunderson with special guests Brigitte Vézina and Camille Francoise from Creative Commons. The second session was on the theme of ‘copyright in education and learning’ and took place on November 30 at 5.00pm CET.

The remaining sessions will be held in 2022. Reminders will be sent via the Copyright Community Listserv and shared on our Twitter account, and you can sign up for the following sessions below: 

  • Copyright office hours: dealing with different copyright durations, 1 March 2022
  • Copyright office hours: using copyright material for content creation, 16 March 2022
  • Copyright office hours: risk management approaches to rights clearance, 19 April 2022
  • Copyright office hours: licensing for AR &, VR, June 28 at 5.00pm CEST 
  • Copyright office hours: Archival material, July 19 at 1.00pm CEST
  • Copyright office hours: Social media and promotion, September 20 at 5.00pm CET
  • Policy office hours: A post-Article 14 world, October 25 at 1.00pm CET 
  • Copyright office hours: Copyright exceptions, November 22 at 5.00pm CET
  • Copyright office hours: Out of commerce works, December 13 at 1.00pm CET
  • Policy office hours: Best Practices in Creative Reuse for Immersive Experiences, December 20 at 5.00pm

If you are not a member of the Copyright Community, you are still very welcome to participate in the call. If you wish to join the community for more support and resources, you can do so here.

This page was edited on 11/05/22 to add details of and links to upcoming Copyright Hours.