Portrait of Petra Boettinger

Petra Boettinger

Network Association Member
Scientific Coordinator OpenUp! Natural History Aggregator for Europeana Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Germany Cultural Heritage

Molecular biologist by education, I joined the Europeana ecosystem in 2011, managing the EU-funded project “Opening up the natural history heritage for Europeana”, focused on content provision and data harmonization of multimedia objects from distributed scientific collections. During this project, I learned a lot to solve copyright and IPR problems we face when scientific collections open up their data to the public. As scientific coordinator, I continued working for the OpenUp! Natural History Aggregator located at BGBM Berlin and AIT Graz, by now the second largest content provider to Europeana. I actively participate in the Europeana working group developing the accreditation process for aggregators.