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Portrait of Makx Dekkers

Makx Dekkers

Independent Information Professional Independent Other

Makx Dekkers (Rotterdam, 1954) has extensive experience in information technology, standardisation and international co-operation spanning three decades, especially in the broad areas of Open Data, e-Government, Public Sector Information, Research Data and Digital Cultural Heritage.
The main focus of his activities has been on the development and practical application of solutions for information management and data exchange with emphasis on interoperability, taking into account strategic, operational and technical aspects.
In the area of Digital Cultural Heritage, he has been involved since the late 1990s with several initiatives at the European Commission, aiming to foster cooperation across cultural heritage institutions (museums, archives, libraries and audio-visual archives) working towards digitisation of catalogues and collections and their long-term preservation.
He was involved in the period 2005-2011 in the establishment and development of Europeana as a member of the team that succeeded in building consensus across the sector around a common standard for description of digital heritage, the Europeana Data Model.
In other work, he was the editor of the DCAT Application Profile for Data Portals in Europe and the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) and was involved in studies related to Linked Open Government Data, information governance, persistent identifiers, Big Data and Research Data. In addition, as a member of various Working Groups at the World Wide Web Consortium, he contributed to the specification of the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) Recommendation and to the development of best practices for publication of data on the Web. Currently, he is a member of the Data Exchange Working Group at W3C working on a revision of the DCAT Recommendation.
He is a member of the Research Data Alliance, the Europeana Association, the Advisory Board of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and the Steering Group of EuropeanaTech.
Previously, he worked in management positions at Pica, centre for library automation in the Netherlands, at the technology branch of the management consultancy department of PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Netherlands and Luxembourg and as Managing Director at the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Makx holds an M.Sc. in Theoretical Chemistry with Informatics and History of Science from the University of Utrecht.
He has the nationality of the Netherlands and lives and works in the Málaga area, Spain. He is fluent in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.