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Portrait of Cedric Bhihe

Cedric Bhihe

Researcher Barcelona Supercomputing Center Spain Academic Research

I have had several lives, or at least several professional lives. There was no clear-cut end to one to let another begin except for the last.
I was designed in French Morocco, trained and tested in France and Japan, put in production first as an applied physicist in the US, then as an industrialist in charge of various manufacturing sites in Spain, China, and Germany. During all that time, I kept learning new languages wondering why I had not gone on to study literature and modern languages when I was 25 years old. But no matter, I was finally refactored in Spain, where 27 years after getting my American PhD, I went back to school. This time the topic was Distributed Computing and Big Data. My newly earned Master of Science combined with my earlier PhD opened the door to become a research Scientist at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, a power-house for high performance computing and big data modeling. I now work in a group, where we do textual analysis, image analysis, automatic captioning, and quite a few other things applied in particular to Cultural Heritage, with the benefit of a first class computing infrastructure. I am loving every minute of it... and on top of it, we get paid for it. -- We are always blissfully open for new collaborations in the CH area so send me a note if you are so disposed.