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Posted on Friday February 6, 2015

Selecting a rights statement

Europeana offers 14 rights statements to choose from. How do you select the correct statement? How do you submit rights statements? This page is here to help.

Selecting a rights statement requires information about the copyright status of the digital object. You also need to know if and how you are authorised to share an object by the rights holder, as well as your organisation's policy for sharing content. All this is used as the basis for choosing which rights statement to apply.

The process for selecting a rights statement is different for everyone

Most organisations collect and store information about the copyright status, rights holder or authorised uses of objects. The rights statement you select depends on the type of objects you store, if the object is protected by copyright, the permissions you have from the rights holder if you are not the rights holder and your organisation's approach to sharing objects.

There are a number of factors you need to consider when selecting a rights statement, including:

  • Are you reviewing the status of each object or a collection as a whole? Choosing a rights statement for each object is the best way to make sure that users know how they can access the objects that you share.
  • Do you know whether the object is in the Public Domain or if it protected by copyright? You can use the Public Domain Calculator to help answer this.
  • Have you got a record of the author, creator or rights holder? This will help you determine where to seek permission in order to share an object online.
  • You may already have permission to share an object and you may need to apply specific terms and conditions.
  • Does your organisation have a policy on sharing objects online? Does it encourage open access or require a fee for reuse?

Browse the list of available rights statements, or check out the tools we have made available to help you choose the most appropriate statement.

The process for submitting a rights statement at ingestion time is the same for everyone

When you have chosen the rights statement for your objects, what do you need to know when you come to submitting the data to Europeana?

There are a few things you need to consider before submitting your data:

  • Add the URI to edm:rights in your metadata as shown on the rights statement list. If you want to supply additional information, you can do this using the dc:rights field.
  • Where a record has multiple resources one rights statement can be provided per resource. Read the EDM Guidelines for for further explanation.
  • We support all versions. If you want to make objects available under a jurisdiction-specific Creative Commons licence, you are advised to use the selection tool on the Creative Commons website. This will give you the correct licence URI for the 'edm:rights' field.
  • If you need more help check out the resources we have provided to help you, including the Publishing Guide and the Public Domain Calculator.
  • Europeana will check the validity of rights statements before publication. You can read more about this process in the Publishing Guide.