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From 2020 onwards and with a focus in summer 2021, the Europeana Sport season explores how sport shapes our sense of self and our sense of Europe, through a variety of remarkable cultural heritage objects that showcase the geographic and cultural diversity of Europe.

In partnership with museums, galleries, libraries and archives across Europe, Europeana invites you to share your story about what sport means to you. It’s an integral part of our cultural heritage.

Europeana Sport Season

In the same way that previous campaigns such as Europeana 1914-1918, Europeana Migration and Europe at Work gathered personal stories from the public, Europeana Sport will gather stories of our personal sporting activities and achievements and bring it together with archive material from various institutions across Europe in a dedicated collection on the Europeana website

While it is not possible to run our physical collection day events this year due to COVID-19, Europeana Sport’s online participation and interactive activities will encourage people to share their stories, memories and ideas about their individual and our collective sporting heritage in exciting ways. 

Europeana Sport editorials (blogs, galleries, exhibitions) will illustrate the story of our sporting heritage from various striking cultural heritage objects that showcase the diverse geographic and cultural melange of Europe.

Hosting a collection campaign online

The season presents a wonderful opportunity for you to engage with and expand your audience by getting involved.

Europeana Sport’s collaborative approach helps you to engage with existing and new audiences, highlighting the impact of sport and sporting heritage on the communities, societies and people of Europe. By getting involved, you can empower the digital transformation of your institution. 

We invite Europeana’s network of cultural heritage partners to be part of our season and help bring our shared story to life. There are a number of ways to take part:

  • Help us identify content on Europeana or provide new content to Europeana that demonstrates our sporting heritage

  • Share sport heritage stories by writing a blog for the Europeana website

  • Encourage your audiences to share their stories of sporting heritage through online campaigns

  • Pioneer new ways to engage audiences digitally - we’d love to hear your ideas

  • Spread the word about this season to your networks and audiences

How Europeana can help with your Collection campaign:

  • We'll provide an online tool for capturing data

  • We'll give you marketing material templates 

  • We'll give you access to our user-generated story contribution platform

  • We'll help provide visibility for your collections / organisation

  • You'll be connected to our network of 3,500 cultural heritage institutions


From May to December 2020, Europeana's national aggregator for Ireland, The Digital Repository of Ireland, and partners - EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, European Expo2020, Hunt Museum and  University of Limerick Conference & Sports Campus and Fethard Horse Country Experience - will run an online campaign inviting people across Ireland and beyond to share their sporting memories. Read more at:


Collecting Ireland's sport stories during COVID-19

Title: Glengara Park winning the Schools Lacrosse Shield

Date: 1947

Institution: Rathdown Schools Archive via Europeana Sport

Country: Ireland


Collecting Ireland's sport stories during COVID-19

Created: 17 December 2020

With public events in 2020 largely cancelled, public engagement events have been difficult. We speak with partners in Ireland who have been working on projects collecting stories from the public during the pandemic. 

How social media storytellers Black and Irish are exploring history and overcoming stereotypes

How social media storytellers Black and Irish are exploring history and overcoming stereotypes

Created: 25 November 2020

As part of the Europeana Sport season, we are looking at how organisations are using sport to overcome social problems and explore heritage. Femi Bankole tells us about how Black and Irish use social media to share stories that break down Black stereotypes and expand what it means to be Black and Irish.