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Europe At Work

Europe at Work, Europeana's season in autumn 2019, shares the story of Europe through our working lives in the past and the present.

In partnership with museums, galleries, libraries and archives across Europe, Europeana aims to show that the working world we inhabit today is rich and varied and is the result of a series of technological and societal changes over time. 

Europe at Work brings stories of our personal working lives together with archive material on industrial and labour-related heritage. Because work isn’t just what we do. It’s often who we are and where we’ve come from. It’s an integral part of our cultural heritage.

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What to expect

From September to November 2019, Europeana along with museums, galleries, libraries and archives across Europe, will run a series of collection days which will record the stories of the people who have worked at industrial heritage sites across Europe.

People across Europe can join in online, by submitting a story about their working lives, or at events to which they bring their stories along with material such as pictures, diaries, videos and letters.

Dedicated editorials will illustrate the story of our working lives in the past and the present through cultural heritage content on Europeana.

Hosting a collection day

At a Europe at Work Collection Day, people are invited to share their stories and material relating to their working lives. Collection Days will take place in museums, libraries, galleries, archives and other cultural heritage institutions and are an opportunity for the public to share their own individual or family stories.

How Europeana can help with your Collection Day:

  • We'll provide expertise and knowledge of running Collection Day events, including 'how-to' tutorials and an online tool for capturing data
  • We'll give you press and marketing material templates 
  • We'll give you access to our user-generated story contribution platform
  • We'll help provide visibility for your collections / organisation
  • You'll be connected to our network of 3,500 cultural heritage institutions

If you are interested in running your own Collection Day event to digitise and add material for Europe at Work, you can find help and advice on how to do that in the following documents.


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