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Europeana Research Community

Who we are

We are a community of professionals interested in cultural heritage, both as a subject and a source for research. We believe that digital collections and digital tools are a means to foster innovation and we advocate for the principles of Open Science, mostly in the Humanities sector. Our community members work at cultural or research institutions, universities and infrastructures, ministries and local governments, or the private sector.   

What we do

The Europeana Research Community supports its members to gain insights into researchers’ needs and to meet them where they concern the use of digital cultural heritage. We share knowledge and experiences, promote digital literacy and explore the potential of Citizen Science. We participate in international projects. We commit to take actions that can have an impact on policy and connect the cultural heritage and research sectors.

Why join?

  • Benefit from our community channels to keep informed, build up your professional network and promote your activities

  • Raise your international profile by connecting with peers at Europeana events or in relevant research contexts 

  • Build collaborations and partnerships in the form of projects, task forces and working groups

Activities and resources

De astronoom
Abraham Delfos, after Johannes Vermeer


Funding, resources and a community to bring together digital cultural heritage, academia and research.

Community video series

Research Community video series: Odeuropa
How to smell a painting

Research Community video series: Odeuropa

This video - supported by the Europeana Research Community - explores Odeuropa, a European initiative which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to investigate the importance of scents and smelling in cultural heritage. 

Meet the Steering Group

Latest News

Opening Up Google Books

Opening Up Google Books

Created: 11 May 2015

Like explorers cutting through the jungle, so digital humanists continue to slice through swathes of large sources of data, the so called 'big data'.

Some resources are already fully open online, in all sense of the words. The recent publication of transcribed data from TheTextCreationPartnershiponearlyEnglishlanguagetexts is a great example.

But many mass digitisation datasets are not quite as open, meaning they cannot be used in for text and data mining.

Found ! Researchers wanting to use Historic Newspapers

Found ! Researchers wanting to use Historic Newspapers

Created: 16 April 2015

A while back we put out a call for researchers to work with the Europeana Newspaper corpus. 

The call was hugely successful, demonstrating both the popularity of historic newspapers and the potential for exploiting that data in new ways.

Around 40 separate research projects got in touch and suggested different research questions and methodologies they would like to explore in greater depth.

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