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Europeana Education Community

Who we are

The Europeana Education community brings together professionals dealing with digital culture and learning in cultural heritage institutions, educational organisations, schools, NGOs, ministries, local government, and the private sector.

What we do

We work to embed digital cultural heritage in both formal and informal education and foster innovation.

Why join?

  • Meet your peers and network at the Europeana annual conference and other relevant events
  • Stay informed and get the latest news about education and the cultural heritage sector through our dedicated communication channels
  • Grow your network and participate in European projects
  • Contribute to digital transformation in education with culture

Activities and resources

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Title: [Aula d'escola]

Creator: Desconegut

Date: 1930/1935

Institution: Ajuntament de Girona

Country: Spain

Public Domain

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Latest news

Europeana and European Schoolnet - celebrating five years of collaboration

Europeana and European Schoolnet - celebrating five years of collaboration

Created: 14 September 2020

To celebrate five years of working work together, Europeana and European Schoolnet have produced a new publication which explores their work promoting innovative learning with digital cultural heritage. We explore some of the highlights.

Presenting the Opening Up Historiana project

Title: A teacher from Czech Republic during a feedback session of the project, CC-BY 4.0

Date: 2019-08-30

Institution: Institute of the Study of Totalitarian Regimes

Presenting the Opening Up Historiana project

Created: 19 August 2020

The Opening Up Historiana project was a Europeana Generic Services Project which created new ways for history educators to create, share and use eLearning Activities with content from the Europeana collections website. We explore the features the project developed.