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Posted on Thursday June 4, 2020

Europeana China

This partnership aims to promote the digital preservation of Chinese - Asian - European cultural heritage through digitisation of cultural resources. 

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Europeana China is a joint initiative from the China National Center for Culture Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ‘CASS’, Recursive Technology, Photoconsortium and Europeana Foundation. It began in December 2018, and aims to promote the digital preservation of Chinese - Asian - European cultural heritage through digitisation of cultural resources.

In particular, the partnership will:  

  • Facilitate cooperation between research and cultural institutions in China and Europe in the fields of digital cultural heritage;

  • Explore possibilities for exchange of knowledge and best practices concerning digital cultural heritage platforms; 

  • Explore ways to promote Chinese cultural heritage in Europe and, respectively, European cultural relics in China.

PAGODE Project

One of the recent activities related to the initiative is the Pagode project,  funded under CEF Europeana Generic Service programme and running between April 2020 and August 2021. The project will raise awareness of the value of establishing cultural bridges between Europe and China. The project will encourage European cultural heritage institutions to provide new high-quality content related to Chinese cultural heritage to Europeana. Furthermore, the project will mobilise and engage the general public in crowdsourcing activities to enrich Chinese cultural heritage material available in Europeana. 

Europeana Ambassador in China

To streamline exchange and discussions related to this partnership, we have entrusted our partners from PostScriptum as a main contact point for enquiries regarding the initiative in China, acting as our ‘ambassador.’ They have already initiated negotiations and discussions for the development of new methodologies for the digitisation of cultural heritage as well as the creation of digital repositories about the managing and storing of digital content in China. Moreover, PostScriptum will promote further and discuss new opportunities of collaboration Europeana and Chinese CHIs under the Pagode project. 

For more information, please contact Kostas Konstantinidis at