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Pagode - Europeana China

The project supported cultural heritage institutions to increase the amount of high-quality Chinese heritage records available on Europeana and create new ways for people to explore them.

Posted on Friday March 13, 2020

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

1 April 2020 to 30 September 2021
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Mountains covered in trees
The solitary stillness of the mountains and ravines
Qian Songyan
c. 1980
Östasiatiska museet

About the project

European cultural heritage has been shaped by its interaction with other cultures and societies around the world. Europe's rich cultural history is closely intertwined with Chinese culture, be it through exchange, trade, imperialism, war, or otherwise. 

To encourage Europeana’s audiences to better understand the relationship between East and West the project created a set of 20 editorials on the Europeana website, including one feature page, seven blogs, and 12 galleries, as well as 22 browse discovery points. Furthermore, it showcased cultural interactions between China and Europe by creating an online exhibition called  ‘China in perspective - Chinese culture and history through European heritage collections'

The project ingested 16,325 new Chinese-related objects in Europeana (of which 16,021 are in Tier 4, the highest quality tier under the Europeana Publishing Framework). It improved the metadata  of  27,049 Chinese related heritage objects. The project used two existing tools to achieve this: SAGE, the automatic semantic enrichments tool created by Europeana XX project; and the Crowdheritage platform  developed by the CrowdHeritage project

In total 22,411 items were enriched, with 85,708 semantic enrichments, and 4,638 items were enriched with 27,668 enrichments by the general public.  All enrichments (crowdsourced and automatic semantic annotations) used Human-in-the-Loop methodology (involving checks by people working on the project) to obtain useful feedback from experts to fine-tune the results. 

The project raised awareness of Chinese related heritage available in Europeana by mobilising and engaging European citizens through two crowdsourcing campaigns and one annotation sprint during the summer of 2021. It encouraged European audiences to better understand the relationship between East and West through a Pagode Digital Festival and Pagode Book (a printed catalogue with modular illustrated stories and academic essays). 

The project organised capacity building activities and digital innovation amongst cultural institutions by hosting two online workshops: the Pagode Semantic Workshop, to discuss the semantic background and the metadata curation methods, and the Pagode Technical Workshop, which focused on dataset enrichment, in particular, metadata curation strategies for the use of Link Open Data vocabularies. 

Finally, the project created Guidelines and good practices to support content providers in selecting, curating and delivering good quality content and metadata to Europeana.

This project was a Europeana Generic Services project and co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.

Follow this link to the dedicated Pagode website.

Project partners

  1. Ministry of Economic Development - Italy (coordinator)

  2. Promoter S.r.l. - Italy

  3. Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium - Belgium 

  4. University of Ljubljana - Univerza v Ljubljani- Slovenia

  5. PostScriptum - Greece

  6. United Archives - Germany 

  7. International Consortium for Photographic Heritage - Italy

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