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Posted on Friday March 13, 2020

Updated on Tuesday July 14, 2020

1 April 2020 to 30 September 2021
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Pagode - Europeana China

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Pagode is a Europeana Generic Service funded under CEF Telecom programme. The project aims to support cultural institutions and other public and private partners to increase the amount of high-quality and reusable content and metadata they make accessible through Europeana. It also aims to increase awareness and usage of Europeana.

The project will demonstrate how European and Chinese Cultures are intermingled. To do so, it will ingest Europeana with 10,000 new objects with Chinese-related content and foster the metadata improvement of 20,000 objects already on Europeana for better search and user experience in the Europeana platform. 

The project will also deliver guidelines and best practice to enrich a protocol of interaction with the Europeana aggregators, which can support collaborations on the selection, metadata curation and annotation of Chinese-related content. Lastly, the project will deliver one physical exhibition, resources and editorials about Chinese Cultural Heritage in Europe and a new thematic collection on Europeana.


Project partners

  1. Ministry of Economic Development - Italy (coordinator)

  2. Promoter S.r.l. - Italy

  3. Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium - Belgium 

  4. University of Ljubljana - Univerza v Ljubljani- Slovenia

  5. PostScriptum - Greece

  6. United Archives - Germany 

  7. International Consortium for Photographic Heritage - Italy