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This community brings together all those who believe that Europe’s digital cultural heritage has an important role to play in education, and want to work with us to embed Europeana in both formal and informal education to foster innovation.

The Europeana Education community is open to all professionals dealing with cultural heritage and learning at cultural and/or educational institutions, schools, NGOs, ministries and local governments, and the private sector. 

You will have the opportunity to meet your peers at the Europeana Network Association annual conference and other relevant meetings, have a say in Europeana Education governance and contribute to the digital transformation in education with culture.

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Latest news

Transcribathons - digital lessons from the past

Created: 17 September 2018

Transcribathons - digital lessons from the past

Created: 17 September 2018

Digital transformation is impacting more than just cultural heritage - it's transforming classrooms. From university assessments to in-class activities, our favourite example of digital transformation, transcribathons, are connecting those in education and research to the past in ways that have more impact than ever before.

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