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Being a 'Practitioner' means that community members are able to lead ‘lite’ workshops on impact assessment and/or become confident advocates on the topic of impact in discussions with colleagues or partners when working out policies or projects in the digital GLAM sector.

The Impact Playbook is a great resource, and people attending a workshop run by an experienced practitioner are most likely to use the Playbook in their own surroundings. The Task Force explored how we can make it easier for Europeana Impact Community members to become practitioners, and to support others on the path to becoming practitioners. Working for the benefit of the Europeana Impact Community, it aimed to develop a model that enables its members to be:

  1. More involved in establishing impact practice in the GLAM sector
  2. Capable of integrating impact assessment in their own context
  3. Able to use the Europeana Impact Framework as a confident practitioner, including the Impact Playbook, sharing their experience and contributing to the development of the Framework and the Community.

The work was performed in alignment with the work currently done in the inDICEs project, in which Europeana and Platoniq are project partners. inDICEs aims to empower policy-makers and decision-makers in the cultural and creative industries to fully understand the social and economic impact of digitisation in their sectors and address the need for innovative (re)use of cultural assets. The guidelines developed by this Task Force will be open available on the 'InDICEs open observatory platform', which aims to establish a permanent participatory and monitoring platform to serve, aggregate and manage collected open data and methodological tools to different networks and stakeholders.

Relation to the Europeana Strategy 2020

By placing the discussion on the impact of digital GLAM at the heart of its actions, this Task Force is very much in line with the general ambition voiced in the Europeana Strategy 2020, which is based on the notion of impact Europeana and wider community wishes to create in specific areas of work. Placing impact pathways and metrics at the heart of the Task Force’s activities will help meet the general ambitions of the Europeana Strategy 2020. It will help cultural heritage institutions to recognise and articulate the rewards of sharing content via Europeana and other mechanisms, and will encourage them to confidently share more - and better quality - content over time. However, in order to prioritise an understanding of those impacts the community needs to own specific skills, and this is what the Task Force sets out to embed.


  1. An exploration of the factors that allow the community to better understand the value of having impact assessment integrated in their work and supporting their digital transformation
  2. A set of recommendations and guidelines on how impact assessment can be operationalized
  3. Impact Lite 'train the trainers' course (a continuation of the trial workshops held at Europeana 2019)
  4. New Impact Playbook practitioners (and advocates) trained and ready to train others
  5. A model for evaluation of the learning outcomes and impact of the course.

Download the full report below.