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About the project

InDICEs addressed changes in the cultural and creative industries (CCI) by empowering policymakers and decision-makers to fully understand the social and economic impact of digitisation in their sectors. The project also addressed the need for innovative reuse of cultural assets as well as enhancing the contributions and impact of cultural heritage institutions (CHIs) in the CCI. The project supported CHIs to understand the legal, technical and organisational conditions that their contributions may have.

The project developed a comprehensive methodology to measure and assess the economic and social impact of digitisation of cultural heritage on the access to European cultural goods and services and their modes of production. In addition, inDICEs produced in-depth comparative analyses of the impact of digitisation and IPR regulations on access to European culture and creative cultural production. The project formulated diverse policy recommendations and developed novel solutions and business models to overcome bottlenecks in the creative reuse and consumption of cultural assets. It established an open observatory to track policies and trends in the long term and empowered CHIs to make strategic self assessments about their readiness for the Digital Single Market and adaptation to current legal frameworks in order to foster their digital transformation.

You can read more about inDICEs on the project website, including the project deliverables. You can also explore the inDICEs Participatory Space and Open Observatory, designed as a participatory platform to provide access to data sources, practical tools, and policy resources. The project is also on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

InDICEs ‘Measuring the impact DIgital CulturE was funded under H2020- DT- Governance-13-2019 Digitisation, Digital Single Market and European culture: new challenges for creativity, intellectual property and copyright, - Grant agreement n° 870792 call programme.

Project partners

  1. Istituto Centrale Per Il Catalogo Unico Delle Biblioteche Italiane E Per Le Informazioni Bibliografiche (Iccu) - Italy (Coordinators)
  2. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Ku Leuven)- Belgium
  3. Stichting Nederlands Instituut Voorbeeld & Geluid (Beeld & Geluid) - Netherlands 
  4. Fundacja Centrum Cyfrowe (Centrumcyfrowe) - Poland
  5. Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Fbk)- Italy
  6. Platoniq Sistema Cultural (Platoniq)- Spain 
  7. Stichting Europeana (Ef) - The Netherlands
  8. European Fashion Heritage Association (Efha) - Italy
  9. Michael Culture (Michael Culture) - Belgium
  10. Deutscher Museumsbund Ev (Dmb)- Germany
  11. Weblyzard Technology Gmbh (Wlt) - Austria
  12. Capital High Tech Sarl (Cht) - France
  13. Pin Soc.Cons. A R.L. - Servizi Didattici E Scientifici Per L Universita Di Firenze -Italy
  14. Asociatia Centrul Cultural Clujean (Ccc) - Romania

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