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Overview for 'bibliographic-records'

    The European Library Open Dataset
    Death of Godfrey of Bouillon from BL Royal 15 E I, f. 150v
    William of Tyre
    The British Library
    United Kingdom
    Data Updated: 6 November 2023

    The European Library Open Dataset

    The European Library aims to promote the wider use and exposure of the collections it aggregates from its member libraries. With this purpose in mind, The European Library Open Dataset is now available through Europeana Research.

    New Collections in Europeana Research
    Blog Created: 1 December 2016

    New Collections in Europeana Research

    Europeana Research continues to expand, providing the best quality datasets from Europeana partners to researchers. These datasets are chosen for their value to researchers in terms of depth, subject matter, and having licenses that make them usable in research. Recently five datasets were added to the Europeana Research collection, four digital collections from European libraries and The European Library Open Dataset.