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Watching Videos Like a Historian - WATCHLIKEAHIST

Watching Videos Like a Historian will equip European educators with the tools to teach media literacy and critical thinking skills through audiovisual resources. It aims to help students engage with media in a more informed manner.  

Posted on Friday February 25, 2022

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

1 April 2022 to 31 March 2025
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Children sat on the floor watching television
Riveting Stuff
John Heywood
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
United Kingdom

About the project

The WATCHLIKEAHIST project will support European educators in teaching media literacy and critical thinking skills through audiovisual resources by creating a toolkit based on digital competencies and new practices in education. The toolkit will include teaching strategies, learning scenarios, eLearning activities, and links to audiovisual (AV)  galleries.

The project will work with trusted AV archives from across Europe, sourced by  Europeana’s AV aggregator EUscreen and Spain’s TV3, in order to engage students across Europe to critically reflect on our shared history.

WATCHLIKEAHIST will bring together local history and citizenship educators and AV collections holders to develop, implement and evaluate tailored educational solutions that are aligned with local educational contexts, and can be easily scaled up.

In addition to the toolkit, a practitioners guide for AV professionals will be created to help them turn their cultural heritage assets into open educational resources. This can be done by applying adequate rights labels for educational purposes; working with content producers to open their collections for use in classrooms; and making a dynamic register of best practice available through Historiana and EUscreen. The project will also add support for AV to the Historiana platform, the online resource for history educators in Europe.

The project will enable cross-sector collaboration on a European level to promote media literacy through capacity building workshops and an pan-European awareness raising campaign.

WATCHLIKEAHIST is funded under the European Union’s  Erasmus+ programme KA2 call. 

Project partners

  1. Euroclio - The Netherlands 

  2. Europeana Foundation - The Netherlands 

  3. Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision - The Netherlands

  4. Fundacja Centrum Cyfrowe - Poland 

  5. Corporacio Catalana De Mitjans Audiovisuals (TV3) - Spain

  6. WEBTIC - The Netherlands

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