Europeana DSI-2

Europeana DSI-2 is our core project which aims to connect, as a Digital Service Infrastructure, the online collections of Europe’s cultural heritage institutions.

Posted on Friday July 1, 2016

Updated on Wednesday March 11, 2020

1 July 2016 to 31 August 2017
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Riviting Stuff
John Heywood
Victoria and Albert Museum
United Kingdom

The core objectives of the Europeana DSI-2 are to create value for our partners, improve data quality, open the data, and to strengthen the Europeana ecosystem.

Europeana DSI-2 aims to provide a better customer experience for all user groups, as well as embedding network centric thought in all activities. We plan to improve data quality and implement quality frameworks to improve metadata quality. Further, we will make our data partners’ data more openly accessible so that it may be viewed and re-used within its copyright. We aim to develop community-segmented services and champion interoperability. Finally, we intent to make the best use of the Europeana ecosystem, including the Europeana Network Association, the member states, the European Commission, Europeana Foundation and our consortium.

The EU’s Digital Agenda aims to improve the digital availability and online accessibility of Europe’s cultural memory. The innovative Europeana DSI-2 helps achieve this by making sure that Europe’s businesses and citizens reap the full benefits of the technological revolution in digital services in culture.


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