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2 minutes to read Posted on Wednesday June 19, 2024

Updated on Friday June 21, 2024

portrait of Marianna Marcucci

Marianna Marcucci

Digital Media Curator , Invasioni Digitali

portrait of Georgia Evans

Georgia Evans

Senior Editorial Officer , Europeana Foundation

Six reasons to join the Europeana Network Association

The Europeana Network Association is one of Europe’s largest networks of cultural heritage professionals. Are you a Member yet? Discover why you should join today!

A large group of people (the Network Association) looking up at the camera
Europeana 2019
Sebastiaan Ter Burg
November 2019
Europeana Foundation
The Netherlands

1. Connect to professionals all over Europe

The Europeana Network Association has over 4,000 members from across Europe (and beyond). While united by a commitment to digital cultural heritage, the expertise of network members is rich and varied - from museum educators to aggregators, to data specialists to researchers. By joining ENA, you will have opportunities to find and connect with professionals who share your expertise, collaborate with leaders in the field, and grow your knowledge as you grow your network.

2. Access exclusive training opportunities and events

The Europeana Network Association and its communities run a dynamic events programme throughout the year. Members are the first to hear about these events, which take place in person and online, range from high-level to informal, and focus on varied topics.

ENA Members were also offered exclusive access to the Europeana Academy, which offers instructor-led courses and online self paced training opportunities, and will fully launch later in the year.

3. Join expert communities that meet your interests and support learning

The Europeana Network Association has seven special interest communities which focus on copyright, communications, impact, research, education, climate action and tech. Whether you are an expert in one of these areas and looking to contribute, or would like to grow your understanding of the topics, the communities will welcome you. When you join a community, you are added to its dedicated communication channels, and so are the first to hear about the relevant events, opportunities and news. You can also contribute your opinions and expertise through mailing lists or proposing Task Forces.

A recent ENA pilot has also explored establishing dedicated Country groups in Slovenia, Italy and Bulgaria, so ENA members in these countries have even more opportunities to join activities.

4. Get opportunities to lead and influence the sector

As an ENA member, you have the chance to learn, connect and collaborate. But you also get the opportunity to lead. ENA is headed by a democratically elected Members Council and Management Board, and all members can stand for election to these groups to set the agenda for the network and input into strategic discussions about the common European data space for cultural heritage.

Beyond standing for these bodies, Members can join the Steering Groups of the special interest communities, propose and run Task Forces on subjects of their interest and take part in a number of strategic meetings and forums. ENA is a platform to have your voice heard and influence the wider sector.

5. Stay informed and up to date with the sector’s hot topics

ENA members receive a monthly newsletter with all the latest news from across the Europeana Initiative, common European data space for cultural heritage and the sector as a whole. Read about technical developments, discover funding opportunities and reflect on opinion pieces from experts.

If you join a community, you also gain access to a mailing list for topic specific discussions, which you can use to ask questions and share relevant information with your peers.

6. It’s easy to join and participate

Gain access to the benefits of the ENA with an easy and free membership process that allows you to join a world of professionals working in and around digital cultural heritage! All can join, no matter what stage of your career - students and new professionals are welcome to join and bring your own perspectives and knowledge to our network.

Ready to join the network? Get your membership approved to start experiencing the benefits and make the most of your membership!