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2 minutes to read Posted on Wednesday December 15, 2021

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Martina Bagnoli elected to be Chair of the Europeana Foundation

We are delighted to announce that Martina Bagnoli, Executive Director of the Gallerie Estensi, was appointed Chair-Elect of the Europeana Foundation on 14 December 2021. She will formally join the Europeana Foundation Supervisory Board as Chair in February 2022, succeeding Elisabeth Niggemann.

Photograph of Martina Bagnoli
Martina Bagnoli

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Martina and thank Elisabeth for her exemplary service.

Welcome to Martina Bagnoli

Martina Bagnoli was elected by the Europeana Foundation’s Supervisory Board. She has been Executive Director of the Gallerie Estensi since 2015. Martina will lead the Europeana Foundation as an important new chapter opens up for the role of digital cultural heritage, reflecting the European Commission’s ambitions for a Digital Decade that promotes an open, democratic and sustainable society. We are pleased to welcome Martina and look forward to working with her to strengthen recognition of the role that access to digital cultural heritage plays in contributing to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable society, as well as highlighting the infrastructure that needs to be in place to ensure that contribution. 

Martina Bagnoli says, ‘The power of cultural heritage to tell stories, to change perspectives, and to foster understanding is already known. Democratising access to cultural heritage by making it available and accessible online is an important endeavour, encouraging knowledge-sharing, creativity and innovation. I look forward to working with Europeana to foster the conditions needed to advance digital cultural heritage, strengthening its impact by making it participatory, and to help Europeana to thrive.’

Thank you to outgoing chair, Elisabeth Niggemann

Martina Bagnoli succeeds Elisabeth Niggemann. Elisabeth has now served two terms as Chair of the Europeana Foundation. She served as Europeana’s first Chair between 2007 and 2011, launching and consolidating Europeana. Elisabeth was then re-elected Chair in 2017 at an important moment in the development of Europeana as it moved to  a new funding mechanism under the previous European Commission’s multi-annual financial framework. Her contribution to the Europeana Foundation has been immeasurable. Under Elisabeth’s tenure, the Europeana Foundation played a key role in placing digital at the heart of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and has continued to serve the heritage sector throughout the challenges of the pandemic. We thank her for her tireless leadership and unwavering commitment.  

Further changes to the Supervisory Board

Current board member Taja Vovk van Gaal will take up the role of Vice-Chair on the departure of Joke van der Leeuw-Roord.

Joke’s contribution as Vice-Chair to the Europeana Foundation has been invaluable over the past nine years, particularly in developing the areas of education, finance, and representation. Joke has been the architect of several key changes in the governance structure of Europeana Foundation and the Europeana Network Association, of which she was the founding member. We thank Joke for her commitment and for generously sharing her expertise. 

Wim Nieuwenhuijse of Tack Digital has been elected to the Europeana Foundation Board as a general Supervisory Board member and will formally join the Board in February 2022. Wim brings particular expertise in the areas of digital transformation, strategy and finances to the Board. We look forward to working with him.