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2 minutes to read Posted on Friday January 26, 2018

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Julia Fallon

Julia Fallon

Community and Partner Engagement Manager , Europeana Foundation

Looking ahead at impact: what’s in store for 2018

Let's take a look at the year ahead, and how we are developing the impact toolkit:  Building on the work in 2017 and the first release of the impact playbook, we'll be moving into a new gear to deliver the impact playbook 1.0, supported by lots more case studies, research and of course an impact task force.  

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From the impact for cultural heritage LinkedIn group

2017 in a nutshell

One Task Force, six workshops, two reports, our very first Europeana-wide impact assessment and over 1,400 downloads of the Impact Playbook.  What a year we had!  To top it off, the AGM in Milan was dedicated to exploring impact in the cultural heritage sector. We were introduced to a new perspective on impact in the sector - the Culture 3.0 paradigm - and transformed the audience into an impact assessment team, providing real-time feedback to ten fantastic impact-producing projects.  It was a jam-packed year of impact!

Playbook 1.0

With the design phase of the Impact Playbook behind us, we are gearing up to deliver the assessment, narration and evaluation phases.  We’ll be working with the support of a renewed Impact Task Force for 2018 and have once again recruited the expertise of impact consultants Sinzer to guide and support us. Want to take a peek behind the scenes of how we developed the Impact Toolkit in 2017? Check out the ‘Developing the impact toolkit’ report - we’ll be following the same approach in 2018.  

Case studies, case studies and more case studies

We’re also going to be working on sharing more examples of impact in the cultural sector - starting with five that will be developed following the playbook. If you came to the AGM you’ll know that Transcribathon won our support to undertake an impact assessment. In addition, we’ll be supporting our partners to undertake impact assessments on the Europeana Migration Campaign, SMK Open, the National Wikimedian at the National Library of Wales, and SmartSquare. And our partners at DEN will be researching examples of economic impact, sourcing examples from around the globe so that we can report back on how other methodologies work and what sort of results they deliver. 

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