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2 minutes to read Posted on Friday January 29, 2021

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Ad Pollé

Ad Pollé

Senior UGC Projects Coordinator , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Maaike Verberk

Maaike Verberk

Director , DEN Foundation, Dutch Knowledge Institute for Culture & Digital Transformation

Impact Community work plan 2021

The Europeana Impact Community is one of the Europeana Network Association's six specialist communities. Explore their work plan for 2021.

Painting of houses
Rote Dächer
Maximilian Reinitz
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere

The Europeana Impact Community continues to grow organically. By January 2021, there had been over 3,000 downloads of the Europeana Impact Playbook. The 2021 community work plan focuses on how to capitalise on this growth. 

In the midst of social justice action, a global health emergency, the climate catastrophe and ongoing political upheaval, cultural heritage has an important role to play. The Impact Playbook will continue to adapt to meet the needs of heritage professionals and to ensure that anyone who uses the Playbook’s tools and resources is confident and well-equipped to plan and measure change.

Read and download the full Impact Community work plan below. You can also join the Europeana Impact Community

1. Steering Group composition


  • Maaike Verberk 


  • Dafydd Tudur

Community Manager

  • Ad Pollé

Community Advisor

  • Nicole McNeilly

Steering Group Members

  • Maria Drabczyk

  • Jenny Kidd

  • Olivier Schulbaum

2. Community aspiration for 2021 

  • To host a visible increase in discussions between practitioners & observers around the topic of impact assessment by the end of 2021.

3. Priority areas 

  • Increasing the relevance of the Playbook by supporting and providing feedback on: 

    • The completion, implementation and distribution of phase 2 

    • The design of phase 3 

    • The design of phase 4

    • Any updates that will be made to phase 1 and phase 2

  • Invigorating the Europeana Impact Community and consolidating how we communicate and share news and resources. At present, we have the following platforms which will be evaluated for their effectiveness:

    • Newsletter

    • LinkedIn group

    • inDICEs platform

    • Europeana Pro (via blogs and the Impact Community page)

    • Basecamp 

  • Frame our approach to impact assessment within a contemporary social, technological (remote working) and environmental context, including increased connections relating to social outcomes and social justice movements and equality. 

    • Impact Lite Task Force

    • Collect case studies in this topic and disseminate and discuss these widely

    • Equitable data collection practices (gender etc), approaches to impact assessment (decolonisation and equality etc)

  • Expanding the application of the impact framework - using impact as a force for change in strategic conversations - as (for example) a tool to have discussions with your funders and to influence policy-making and processes of change, by:

    • Collecting case studies 

    • Supporting EF to develop Europeana initiative case studies

    • Supporting the inDICEs project

    • Organising webinar(s)/workshop(s) 

    • Developing additional resources (where possible) that are complementary to the Playbook approach

4. Task Forces

  • No new TFs planned for 2021

  • The work on the current TF Impact Lite will continue in 2021: 

    • Olivier Schulbaum (TF lead), Maria Drabczyk & Dafydd Tudur (SG members); Antje Schmidt, Malene Lombolt-Busch, Lowri Jones, Raúl Gómez Hernández, Cristina Vazquez, Nicole Emmenegger, Marco Streefkerk and Dana Kaplani (volunteers); Ad Pollé (EF liaison)

    • After an introductory meeting for the volunteers on Wednesday 18 November the TF intends to meet on a monthly basis and will communicate in a dedicated Slack channel. 

5. Activities 

Outreach and communications 

  • Marketing support from Europeana Foundation colleagues has been offered. They will support how the steering group wants to share the services available to professionals and engage them in future activity. The plan is: 

    • Q1 - communications plan agreed (SG and EF) 

    • Q2 - implementing

    • Q3 - implementing

    • Q4 - review and planning for 2022

  • Standardise communications with the Community (monthly or bi-monthly or as necessary newsletters)

Educational or community events 

  • Webinars (final two webinars in the series)

  • Webinars - discussion events/presentations of case studies

  • Impact and Research Symposium (March 2021 tbc)

Increasing engagement beyond the theory to encourage new practitioners

  • How the Impact Lite TF / InDICEs programme can work with the wider community (e.g. online awareness workshops, assessment workshops), responding from requests

  • Developing user profiles of user/practitioners

  • Training the trainers 

  • Attending and presenting at conferences as invited and proactively finding opportunities to share the framework

Support and provide feedback to enable publication of resources:

  • Phase three of the Impact Playbook published (by August 2021)

  • Phase four of the Impact Playbook in draft (Dec 2021)

  • Standardised question bank published (early 2021)

  • Case studies (ongoing)

  • Published Europeana initiative and external impact assessments and relevant reports/deliverables (summaries and full reports)

  • Translations of Playbook resources in new languages to be explored (aiming to use e-translation) and to publish and promote existing translated resources

6. Budget  

  • Budget required: 5.000€ (including reserve list of activities in case there is extra budget by July 2021)

    • Conference fees to present the Europeana Impact Framework to professionals and impact practitioners, to widen engagement and grow the impact community (amount tbc)

    • Resource to support engagement at online events: 

      • Speaker or facilitation fees (up to 1500 euros)

    • Video development to encourage engagement with the Impact Playbook and available resources, and to widen the Impact Community, by introducing:

      • Participatory ways to engage (e.g. on the InDICEs participatory platform)

      • The materials that resulted from the Impact Lite TF 

      • Newly-developed or revised Playbook resources

    • No physical meeting planned, however as soon as regulations allow this should be budgeted for

7. Reporting 

  • Periodic Community Reporting to the MB and the MC

  • Using the existing template, every 3 months there will be a short community report against the work plan including any changes that have occured to the initial plan