2 minutes to read Posted on Friday April 10, 2020

Updated on Friday September 11, 2020


EuropeanaTech Community Work Plan 2020

The EuropeanaTech Community is one of the Europeana Network Association's six specialist communities. Explore their work plan for 2020.

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Construction of the Viaur Viaduct

EuropeanaTech is the community of experts, developers, and researchers from the R&D sector within the greater Europeana Network. It provides the expertise and technical know-how that allows Europeana to keep growing and improving. Together, the EuropeanaTech community ensures that Europeana doesn’t just keep up-to-date where technology is concerned; it leads the way.

The 2020 Activity Plan seeks to improve communication within and between different Europeana related initiatives, while also improving the visibility and dissemination of work being done by the EuropeanaTech community at large. As well, EuropeanaTech will lead the way for Europeana to investigate the standing of AI within the European digital cultural heritage sector and we’ll begin to make plans for future EuropeanaTech events. We’ve loved our past conferences and collectively feel they’re the best way for the community to engage, share knowledge celebrate the work being done across the continent. 

We’re always accepting pitches for blogs of issues of EuropeanaTech Insight, should you have ideas please don’t hesitate to contact Gregory Markus at gmarkus@beeldengeluid.nl.

Find out more by downloading the work plan below and go to the EuropeanaTech page to join the community.