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2 minutes to read Posted on Tuesday January 8, 2013

Updated on Thursday September 6, 2018

Europeana - Wiki GLAM Toolset: your opinion needed

Following on from yesterday’s post about using Europeana to enhance Catalan Wikipedia articles, Geer Oskam gives us more information about how Europeana is working with Wikimedia to create a ‘Wiki GLAM Toolset’.

The name of this project is probably the most difficult part of the scheme to understand; what is important is that the end result is a new service that will make your life much easier.

The Europeana - Wiki GLAM (Gallery/Library/Archive/Museum) Toolset is a collaboration between Europeana, Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimedia France, Wikimedia United Kingdom, and Kennisland. In this project, a software tool is to be developed that will make it as easy as possible for you to put your digitised cultural objects into the Wikipedia database.

Over the last few years, you have been digitising your collections; by doing so, the reach of cultural content has grown enormously. Think of new audiences who are being reached on Facebook, Pinterest or via new mobile applications. The Wiki GLAM Toolset is just going to add to this, tapping into the world of Wikipedia visitors. And may I remind you that Wikipedia has almost 500 million unique visitors per month!

Night Watch

Here, Rembrandt's 'De Nachtwacht', a public domain image available on Europeana (inset bottom) from the Rijksmuseum, has been used to illustrate a Dutch Wikipedia article on the image (inset top).

As Wikipedia has become a mainstream source of information, more pages are being created, and more topics are being covered. Via the Wiki GLAM Toolset, you will be able to upload your data files to Wikimedia Commons in large or small quantities. After uploading it, your content can be used to illustrate existing pages, or it can become a primary source for new Wikipedia pages.

We need your opinion

Before we get this far though, we need your input: we would like to know what you would like to get out of a statistics report after your data has been uploaded to Wikimedia. Please lend us 10 minutes of your time and take a look at this GLAM Content on Wikimedia survey.

More information

The Europeana – Wiki GLAM Toolset is developed in Wikipedia’s signature open style, you can take a look at the project page here.
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