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2 minutes to read Posted on Monday September 14, 2020

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

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Vanessa James

Public relations and digital communications , European Schoolnet

Europeana and European Schoolnet - celebrating five years of collaboration

To celebrate five years of working together, Europeana and European Schoolnet have produced a new publication which explores their work promoting innovative learning with digital cultural heritage. We explore some of the highlights.

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The ‘Europeana Education and European Schoolnet: Five years promoting innovative learning with digital cultural heritage, 2015 – 2020’ report highlights how Europeana and European Schoolnet have provided professionals and educational stakeholders with training tools and guidelines, available on Europeana Classroom and the Teaching with Europeana blog

Involving teachers in reuse of digital cultural heritage

With more than 49,000 students reached, the last two years have been the most ambitious and fruitful years of EUN and Europeana collaboration, as we have worked on strengthening the community of teachers using digital cultural heritage in their classroom. Through all the activities related to training, dissemination, design of learning scenarios and competition, in the last academic year more than 2,000 teachers contributed to increasing the reuse of digital cultural heritage across curricula and at a transnational level by creating learning resources and sharing them on the Teaching with Europeana blog.

Two new videos also showcase and celebrate the efforts made by the Europeana teachers’ community over the past academic year by exploring ‘Europeana in my classroom’ - you can see them here.

Sharing best practices

Our collaboration has also resulted in the creation of a strong community of teachers, eager to enhance their capacity for using digitised cultural heritage material in their work. The community gathers the 13 Europeana Ambassador teachers and their 132 User Group teachers, but also the participants of the ‘Europeana in My Classroom’ Massive Open Online Course. For the last two years, the Ambassadors and User Group teachers have worked together on developing and testing new learning scenarios using Europeana content. The community works to gain a better awareness of the value of digital cultural data in education, to showcase best practices, regardless of the discipline, and to share advice with peers.

Inspired by their work, Europeana and European Schoolnet will shortly publish a booklet for teachers and educational stakeholders composed of the 30 best contributions of the 2020 Europeana Education Competition. Including 29 learning scenarios and a story of implementation, this booklet presents the results of teachers’ hard work, commitment and creativity. It aims to inspire and support the creation of learning activities that promote the integration of digital cultural heritage in educational activities. The booklet will be published soon and will be available in seven languages.

Opening the Europeana Education initiative to museum educators and other GLAM professionals

Over the next two years, the Europeana Education initiative and European Schoolnet aim to reach more teachers and educators across Europe to provide quality learning, collaboration and critical thinking for our students and future citizens. We aim to involve museum educators and other GLAM professionals, to strengthen the links between formal and informal education through our Ambassador Network and user group, as well as resources on Europeana classroom and MOOCs. 

Find out more

Are you a teacher or a museum educator interested in taking part in the Europeana Education initiative? Follow Europeana Education on Facebook and LinkedIn to hear about more opportunities to join the new Europeana Ambassador Network and User Group. 

You can also join the Europeana Network Association Education Community to network with new colleagues, get the latest news about education and the cultural heritage sector, grow your network and contribute to digital transformation in education with culture.