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2 minutes to read Posted on Thursday April 13, 2017

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Collaborating for Cultural Heritage

As we move forward towards new goals and achievements in 2017, we evaluate our 2016 results.

We promised to Create Cultural Connections in four areas: delivering value for partners, improving data quality, opening the data and strengthening the ecosystem. Working with the Europeana Network and all our stakeholders and partners, we collaborated to achieve many of our promises. So, we recommend this annual report as a good read of all of your achievements in 2016.

The Grey Dance | Wäinö Kunnas, Finnish National Gallery, CC BY

Among these achievements, highlights include the delivery of an update to our Europeana Strategy 2020, joint efforts with Cultural Heritage Institutions to improve metadata, and our success in developing the Europeana Network Association into a consolidated movement, not to mention the 28 Member State Council Conclusions which reinvigorated interest in Europeana the platform as a pillar in the European project. From a user viewpoint, the #Europeana280 campaign led to some amazing contributions from Art Museum and Gallery partners and a seriously upgraded experience in Europeana Art as well as wonderful virtual exhibition showing the Faces of Europe; and our first Europeana 1914-1918 Transcribathon gave the un-mathematically minded a cultural heritage version of Sudoku and other users the ability to read much more of the WW1 collections.

You can dive in deeper and find out how these initiatives made 2016 a great year in exploring the Slidebean: help us celebrate on social media in using the #AllezCulture hashtag. The full report is also available to download here.

Thank you to all our staff, partners, stakeholders and audiences for their contributions which kept us on the straight and innovative path. 2016 is a year to be proud of.