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Updated on Tuesday June 2, 2020


Making Europeana’s resources available for research purposes through the CLARIN infrastructure (case study)

CLARIN, the European Research Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology, has successfully integrated a selection of Europeana Collections material into their Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) portal.

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Title: Grammatica; Zeven Vrije Kunsten
Creator: Hans Sebald Beham
Date: (1500 — 1550)
Institution: Rijksmuseum
Country: The Netherlands
Public Domain

Currently, about 135,000 cultural heritage items from 22 collections are available to scholars, researchers, students and citizen-scientists from all disciplines, in particular humanities and social sciences. The records include books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts and speech audio in over 35 languages. 

As a result, researchers can now access high-quality cultural data and combine it with CLARIN’s advanced language-processing tools and services to conduct cutting-edge research, contributing to a truly multilingual European Research Area.

Find out more about the integration process and its impact in the case study below. 


CLARIN case study

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