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Updated on Thursday December 14, 2017

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Nuno Freire

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Building new knowledge from distributed scientific corpus: HERBADROP & EUROPEANA

Two concrete case studies for exploring big archival data

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image from the presentation on HERBADROP and Europeana

Pascal Dugenie, Research engineer at CINES, Daan Broeder, CLARIAH linguistics Tech Coordinator at CLARIAH and EUDAT Community Outreach Officer, and Nuno Freire, Senior Researcher at INESC-ID, published a research paper on using big data for archival research with Europeana and HERBADROP as case studies. 

The paper presents new approaches to the domain of computational archival science. Coupling emerging digital methods and big data technologies with archival practices poses new possibilities in research using platforms like Europeana and Herbadrop. Both Europeana and Herbadrop leverage the cultural heritage content within the Europeana Data (EUDAT) research infrastructure. In the paper, Europeana is used as a case study to showcase these new possibilities for big data research. More specifically, the Europeana Case Study explored the possibilities offered by achieving interoperability between the EUDAT infrastructure and Europeana Newspapers. These results, along with the results of the HERBADROP case study, were presented at the IEEE International Conference on Big Data on 13 December 2017. 

You can find the Slides to their workshop here. Find the research paper below.