Portrait of Romain Wenz

Romain Wenz

Project Manager - National portal of Archives University of Bordeaux France Education

I currently work for the University of Bordeaux, as a library curator. I am heading up a team responsible for historical and rare collections. Of course, this includes a digitization process. We have our own digital library, Babordnum, which is harvested by other portals (Gallica for instance) and mostly driven by the needs of local research.I formerly worked for the French Archives (Archives de France) as head of the french national portal for archives. From 2009 to 2013, I was a Curator at the French national Library (BnF), as head of the BnF's Linked Open Data project data.bnf.fr. This project brought together data automatically extracted from catalogues (MARC), archives (EAD) and digital resources (DC).