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Portrait of Revekka Kefalea

Revekka Kefalea

Inspirer & Curator of GLAM Hack Inter Alia Greece, GR Other

Revekka is currently a Postgraduate Student in Political Science & Sociology at the
University of Athens and a project manager in Inter Alia, NGO. She holds a B.Sc. in
Social Policy & Social Anthropology from Panteion University and a M.Sc. in Urban and
Regional Planning from National Technical University of Athens. She is certified in
cultural management & social entrepreneurship, and she follows the GLAM sector and
its transformations closely, since her research interests focus on nationalism, material
culture, cultural heritage, identity & memory politics.
Revekka has worked on research projects related to her studies, and familiarised
herself with using open accessed digital archives & repositories. And gradually, apart
from their scientific & educational value, she discovered the creative possibilities
offered by the rights to reuse, modify & remix their content. Since then, Revekka takes
initiatives and actively participates in various events aiming at the engagement of the
public with the expansion & creative reuses of these digital commons.