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Portrait of Francesca Di Donato

Francesca Di Donato

Marketing, Director of Digital Humanities sector Net7 srl Creative industries

My name is Francesca, and I work at Net7, a software company based in Pisa, Italy. In Net7 I lead a team of development of web services, platforms and tools for scholarly communication, especially in the Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage domains. Before joining Net7, I worked as a researcher in Political Philosophy at the University of Pisa. My research focused on the transition in Scientific Communication from the Printing Age to the Digital Age. While looking at the history of Science Communication, I quickly realised how (artificial) restrictions in the free dissemination of scholarly results have become one of today’s most significant barriers to the evolution of human knowledge. So I became a fervent advocate of Open Access and Open Data and I’ve supported Europeana - and its vision to make Europe's cultural heritage accessible for all - from the very beginning.

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