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Portrait of Enno Meijers

Enno Meijers

Information Manager National Library of the Netherlands Netherlands Other

Enno Meijers works an information manager at the National Library of the Netherlands. His main focus area is optimizing metadata and discovery infrastructures in order to improve the end-user and machine to machine services. Implementation of linked data and semantic web technologies is a core part of his work. Within the Dutch Digital Heritage Network Enno is involved in the development of a new cross domain discovery infrastructure for the Dutch heritage collections. Linked Data and distributed web technologies are at the main building blocks for this infrastructure. Earlier Enno has been leading the development of the National Library Catalogue platform build as one of the services for the national digital infrastructure for the Public Libraries. He is one of the founders of the Dutch DBpedia chapter and currently a member of the DBpedia Association Board. He studied Electrical Engineering and Business Informatics and has been working in the library domain for nearly twenty years