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As the CEO and CTO of LIVDEO, I am an expert in web and cloud technologies, distributed systems, and AR and mobile platforms. Over the past 20 years, I have worked as a consultant and architect on many digital projects related to my vision for inclusive digital tourism and cultural engagement. I am the creator of GEED, an innovative hardware/software platform for creating and distributing mobile apps and interactive content without download or network constraints. I also architected FeelTheArt, an augmented reality platform helping remote multilingual communities experience art and cultural heritage. My work with Livdeo has been awarded a 2022 Webby for the MCA Australia in "Best Mobile User Experience" and a 2021 Good Design Award Australia. GEED also won a 2019 M&W GLAMi award. I participated in NLP academic research. In 2008, I architected an early cloud platform for managing and publishing museum collections.