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Posted on Thursday May 2, 2019

Women's Season

Women's Season ran from January to March 2019. Its aim was to put a spotlight on women throughout history, highlighting their contributions to society and discussing some historical and current challenges that women still face.

Women's Season told the stories of 21 women, 16 real and 5 fictional, spanning from 19 different countries and 4 centuries of women's history. We told these stories with cultural heritage content from 80 institutions across 20 different countries around the world. 

Pioneers: Trailblazing women in the arts, sciences and society

Online exhibition Pioneers highlights the lives and achievements of 8 remarkable European women in the arts, sciences and society. From groundbreaking women’s rights campaigners to brilliant scientists, this exhibition celebrates the historical contribution of innovative women to human knowledge and culture. On 18th of January til International Women’s Day on 8 March 2019, we published a new exhibition chapter every week telling the story of a female pioneer.  It's the stories of brilliant women from across Europe, both famous and less well-known, from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

In collaboration with Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, this online exhibition which was part of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel’s strategy to empower women and increase their participation in the digital economy. Pioneers seeks to raise awareness of women’s historical contributions to society and provide a platform for the representation of emblematic professional women in Europe.

Women in culture and tech

Title: Initiation? ceremony, Magdalenian. Nine partially clothed women and one young man.

Institution: Wellcome Collection

Country: United Kingdom


On Europeana Pro, we are ran a series of profiles and interviews with leading women in the digital and GLAM sectors, highlighting their work and achievements. The series is entitled Women in Culture and Technology and featured interviews with women from across sectors and across the world - including, tech expert and founder of DigiPippi (an organisation which bridges the gender gap in technology) Eva Fog and renowned multi-disciplinary artist Nora Al-Badri.

Blogs, news pieces and galleries

Title: (left to right) Portrait of a Lady, Don’t Be Quiet, Start a Riot! Essays on Feminism and Performance, and Arrow of Gold Gown

Creator: (left to right) Anna Maria van Schurman,Tiina Rosenberg, and Unknown

Date: (left to right) 1640-1659, 2019 and 1925

Institution: (left to right) Nationalmuseum, Sweden, OAPEN Foundation and Rijksmuseum

Media coverage

Title: Screenshots of Europeana in the news

Date: March 2019


Partnerships: DailyArt and National Museum of Women in the arts

Title: Screenshots of DailyArt Magazine and National Museum of of Women in the arts instagram takeover

Date: March 2019

We partnered up with DailyArt and the National Museum of Women in the Arts, featuring four paintings on DailyArt app and four guest articles on the DailyArt magazine. We participated in the Instagram Stories takeover of National Museum of Women in the Arts on 19th of March. Five women artists and their artworks from the collections of five cultural institutions across Europe have been promoted using the popular hashtags #5WomenArtist and featured as a part of a larger movement promoting the role of women in the arts. Moreover, we pledge to support women in the arts.

Guest Articles on DailyArt Magazine

Colouring Book

Title: Screenshots of Europeana Colouring book

Date: March 2019


Building upon the interest and results of the previous colouring books created by Europeana, we decided to create the 4th edition with the theme Women in History. The book featuring 19 openly licensed images from 6 cultural institutions across Europe presented women in various places in times, from the first medieval depiction of a female dentist to suffrage posters. The book was promoted during #ColorOurCollection Campaign, an annual, weeklong colouring event organized by libraries and other cultural institutions worldwide, promoting creativity around openly licensed content available online.

Additionally, the colouring session was held on the 8th of March during the International Women’s Day event at Atria, Institute for Gender Equality and Women's History in Amsterdam. There, Europeana team had a chance to present the book and our activities related to the Women’s History Month.

You can still download the colouring book here.