2020 CEF Telecom Call - Europeana Generic Services Projects FAQs

The 2020 CEF Telecom Europeana Generic Services 2020 call makes an indicative €3 million of funding available for proposals in this area. On this page, we provide the answers to frequently asked questions about the call. 

For more information regarding the application process, take a look at the call text and the European Commission Virtual Info Day presentation. We also recommend you take a look at the guidelines for applicants, application checklist and INEA FAQs.

Key Information

The submission deadline was 12 May 2020. Is there any extension foreseen due to the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Yes. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the deadline of the 2020-1 CEF Telecom call for all Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) has been extended to 25 June to give more time for applicants to prepare their proposals. Any further deadline change will be communicated via the call website and Europeana Twitter.

How long is the duration of the projects under this call?

The indicative project duration is 18 - 24 months.


Can I address only one objective of the call?

All project proposals must address both objectives: Objective 1: aggregation of high quality curated content and Objective 2: Use of innovative technological approaches and tools. For further information, take a look at Europeana Generic Service call

Should my proposal focus only on 3D content, or can it aggregate other types of content?

This year's call encourages the aggregation of 3D models, but it is open to all types of new, high-quality content on relevant and appealing topics of European significance.

Should my proposal cover only new content that is not yet available in Europeana?

The focus of the proposal must be on aggregation, curation and possible digitisation of new content. Projects are allowed to include a limited amount of content currently available on Europeana, in which case they should also include activities which aim to increase the quality of this content and metadata, ideally to make it available for reuse.

How is high-quality content defined? 

The content to be submitted must comply at least with Tier 2 (for content) and Tier B (for metadata) of the Europeana Publishing Framework and allow free online access to the digitised objects. Content digitised during the project must be available for free reuse (Tier 4).

What does it mean for the content to be free for reuse? 

Free for reuse content is available under the licenses CC0, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, and the Public Domain Mark. To see more information regarding the licenses, click here.

What does it mean to ‘contribute content to Europeana through existing aggregation infrastructures'?

It is very important that applicants have a clear understanding of aggregation channels for the content. Europeana doesn’t aggregate content directly but via a strong network of national and domain aggregators. For more information, take a look at the 37 Europeana aggregators across Europe.

Working with Europeana

My proposal envisages integration of its outcomes in the Europeana platform. How can I ensure its success? 

To ensure compliance and the smooth integration of the project results in the Europeana Core Platform Service (CPS), proposals must conform to the relevant Europeana strategies, standards and frameworks, including the Europeana Data Model, Content Strategy and Publishing Framework. Find more information on how best to align your proposal with the Europeana CPS through our post on Europeana Pro

I’m confused by terms related to Europeana in the call text, where can I find more information? 

Check Europeana Foundation’s detailed glossary of terms or explore our Europeana Pro website. 

Is it possible for Europeana Foundation to be part of our consortium for this call? And if yes, whom should I contact to discuss Europeana involvement?

Yes, it is possible for Europeana Foundation to be a partner in a project proposal. There is no restriction on how many proposals the Europeana Foundation can join. For a partner inquiry, contact Milena Popova, Programme and Business Development Manager at Europeana, at milena.popova@europeana.eu.

How long will it take for Europeana Foundation to make a decision regarding a possible participation as a funded partner? 

All proposals will be first discussed internally to ensure that the Europeana Foundation has the capacity and resources to contribute to the project. Depending on the proposal complexity, this process might take up to a week.

General aspects

I have never applied to Europeana CEF Telecom call. Is it possible for me to do so?

The call strongly encourages the participation of applicants who have not yet benefited from CEF or other EU funding in the field of Europeana or do not have their content available on Europeana.

Is there a requirement for a minimum number of project consortium members?

An eligible consortium for this call must have at least three different applicants based in three different Member States and/or EEA countries. 

I’m from the UK, can I participate in this call? 

UK applicants are eligible to participate under this call. For more information, please refer to section 6 of the call text.

Will projects under this Generic Service call be 100% funded? 

The CEF funding covers 75% of the proposal budget and the project partners must provide the remaining 25%. For more information, please see section 11.1.1 of the call text. 

Does Europeana participate in the application assessment?

No, Europeana is not involved in the application evaluation and decision making. Find out more information about these processes here and in the virtual info day presentations.

Is there a contact point in INEA for the current open call for proposals with whom I could get in touch with directly?

All call-related questions must be addressed to the call helpdesk inea-cef-telecom-calls@ec.europa.eu  while the call is open.