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Europeana Innovation Agenda

Europeana Innovation Agenda highlights research and innovation priorities for the cultural heritage sector.

Title: Le Jockey

Creator: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Date: 1899

Institution: Statens Museum for Kunst

Country: Denmark



For ten years now, Europeana has played an important role in supporting memory institutions to reap the benefits of the digital transformation, and at the same guarding the heritage sector against undesired consequences. With its wide-ranging expertise and a far-reaching network, the Europeana community is in a great position to champion the growth of the cultural heritage sector.

Building on the Europeana Impact Assessment Framework, the Agenda positions cultural heritage as an invaluable resource for the European society. It highlights the transformative potential of an innovative cultural heritage and aims to prioritise its research and innovation needs in Europe’s cultural policies and research and innovation programmes.

In consultation with the Europeana community, a dedicated task force identified a list of topics that showcase the most urgent challenges and opportunities across the European cultural landscape. The Agenda calls for research and innovation actions that support the sustainable development of a technologically advanced, economically stable and socially conscious cultural heritage domain.

Useful resources on innovation in the cultural heritage domain.



Open folder


Introducing the Europeana Innovation Agenda: priorities of the cultural heritage community

Title: Innovation Agenda

Creator: Elco

Date: December 2018

Institution: Europeana Foundation

Country: The Netherlands


Introducing the Europeana Innovation Agenda: priorities of the cultural heritage community

Created: 18 December 2018

The Europeana Network Association has grown to be a thought leader in the cultural heritage sector. So, how could we harness this potential to help steer the European heritage community forward? The Europeana Innovation Agenda was created with exactly this purpose in mind.

Meet the Europeana Innovation Task Force!

Title: Tag cloud of innovation topics

Creator: Rasa Bočytė

Date: 2018


Meet the Europeana Innovation Task Force!

Created: 28 May 2018

If you attended the EuropeanaTech conference 2018 this month in Rotterdam, you might recall a presentation we gave about innovation and research topics. For those who were not in attendance, here is a short preview of innovation topics that we as a cultural heritage community advocate for.