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2 minutes to read Posted on Wednesday November 7, 2018

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Nicholas Jarrett

Nicholas Jarrett

Senior Marketing Manager , Europeana Foundation

How the Impact Playbook is generating new insights into culture - read our case studies

The Europeana Impact Playbook is helping cultural heritage institutions around the world discover and analyse the impact of their activities. We’ve been working with some of them to help develop our work on impact further, and we’ve been talking to others about their experiences with the first phase of the Impact Playbook. Together these experiences are helping to shape the next version of the playbook - due to be released in beta by the end of the year.  We hear from 3 very different projects about the things they have done to help understand their impact.

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TuEuropeana workshop: Myślenie Efektami
Klaudyna Schubert

Our impact case studies

Each study presents a very different perspective on exploring impact. Developed by members of our community, they are useful for anyone interested in understanding the impact of their work. From those considering starting an impact assessment to those who have already done so and might want to consider getting further buy-in among colleagues, stakeholders, and the wider cultural heritage community in their country and beyond.

Discover how Leiden Universities Libraries chose to adapt the Impact Playbook to run an Impact Awareness Workshop, with the aim of getting colleagues from a number of different disciplines familiar with impact and using the same language to talk about it.

‘The workshop definitely helped to increase a common understanding at UBL of what impact is about, and our participants felt the Europeana approach to impact could also be useful in contexts other than digital cultural heritage.’ Marco De Niet, Leiden Universities Libraries

Find out how about the impact created by revitalising an old urban square in Germany as well as some of the theoretical considerations for running an impact assessment with a large number of stakeholders.

‘One unexpected but reassuring outcome from this process was that our stakeholders were surprised how many activities and partial strategies they had in place already, but without having them organised in impact perspectives.’ Jens Bley, SmartSquare

Finally, read how the Impact Playbook has been used to run workshops across the cultural heritage sector in Poland, including how it was translated ensuring that the common language we’ve created for the cultural heritage sector to talk about impact knows no borders.

‘One of the biggest added values of having the Playbook integrated in the seminar’s programme so far is the fact that it enables human interaction. The exercises as well as the encouragement of opinion-sharing and discussion support the group process.’ Maya Drabczyk, National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute Poland

You can read all of the case studies mentioned above, and others, in our case studies section. and if you haven’t already, download the Impact Playbook to help you start your impact journey.