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These webinars are part of a series held by the Swedish National Heritage Board and the Digital Humanities initiative at Uppsala University, on 10, 11 and 16 June 2020. The series was conceived within a project (led by Dr Åsa Larsson, Swedish National Heritage Board; Dr Anna Foka, Uppsala University) supported by the Europeana Research Grants Programme. The webinars focus on finding, accessing, using and enriching metadata in digitised collections, with the aim of increasing researcher-museum collaborations. The video outputs are licensed CC-BY-SA.

Hugo Manguinhas, Albin Larsson, Larissa Borck - Enrichment and Outreach for Collections

Hugo Manguinhas is Product Owner for APIs at Europeana Foundation. His main focus is to shape the vision of the APIs and ensure a sustainable and consistent development of the products. He is also involved in the elaboration of requirements and specifications that contribute to the further development of the Europeana Data Model. He presents the Enrich Europeana project.

Albin Larsson works with Research & Development at Europeana, focusing on data quality and enrichment. He was previously Operations Developer at Swedish National Heritage Board. He presents the Saint George on a Bike project which aims to improve the quality and quantity of open metadata associated with imagery from European cultural heritage.

Larissa Borck is Communications Coordinator at the Swedish National Heritage Board for the Europeana Common Culture project, designs and executes strategies for an increase of data quality of collections in SOCH. She has organised the Open GLAM webinar series. She presents some insights into how sharing and using cultural heritage data can create whole new visibility even for smaller institutions.

This talk took place on 16 June 2021. 

Mia Carlsson & Marcus Smith, Swedish National Heritage Board - SOCH/K-Samsök – Aggregating national collection metadata

This talk presents how the Swedish National Heritage Board works with the aggregators SOCH/K-Samsök and Europeana, which collect links and metadata from digitised collections at museums and archives. They will outline the process of making this data available and searchable, explain which data is delivered to SOCH and Europeana respectively and the differences in content and structure between the two platforms. What contributions are needed to make the digitised content of collections more accessible and usable? What should researchers know about the digital resources already available to them and the public? This talk took place on 16 June 2021.