Posted on Monday February 28, 2022

Updated on Monday February 28, 2022

ENRIITC Event - SSH Industry Outreach Event

This online event is organised by ENRIICT, DARIAH and CLARIN. It investigates new relationships between Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Research Infrastructures (RIs) with stakeholders outside academia.

Event logo with ENRIICT, DARIAH and CLARIN logos
11 March 2022
10:00 — 13:45 Online

The event aims to raise the interest of leading SSH RIs in establishing a common collaborative initiative to help increase SSH-domain innovation cooperation with industry and non-academic institutions of private and public nature (e.g. galleries, libraries, archives, museums), starting with the launch of a joint SSH RI Industry Contact Officer Training Program based on the ENRIITC approach.

It also aims to faciliate the exchange of experiences about past and present innovation and collaboration activities with non-academic and/or commercial activities, and identify common challenges regarding the skills SSH RI staff need to reach out beyond academia (such as more effective communication and guidance on how to translate the value of the infrastructure to non-academic and/or commercial entities etc.).

Main Event Organisers

  • Franciska de Jong, Iulianna van der Lek, John Picard (CLARIN)
  • Jennifer Edmond, Francesca Morselli (DARIAH)

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