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Posted on Thursday September 7, 2017

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

The European Library Open Dataset

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Death of Godfrey of Bouillon from BL Royal 15 E I, f. 150v
William of Tyre
The British Library
United Kingdom

The European Library aims to promote the wider use and exposure of the collections it aggregates from its member libraries. With this purpose in mind, The European Library Open Dataset is now available through Europeana Research.

The European Library was set up by CENL in 1997 as a joint web portal of European national libraries and has become the open data hub for library data in Europe. The Open Dataset was created to make available the openly licensed collections of The European Library's partners, and to promote the wider use and exposure of aggregated collections from member libraries. The Dataset is available under the CC0 license, allowing the unrestricted use of the data for any purpose by anyone, including commercial use, and is the largest CC0 bibliographic dataset in the world.

It is downloadable both as a combined dataset from all providers and as individual data files for each collection according to the specifications of the W3C Linked Data Platform 1.0. In addition, Europeana Research is providing access to the 2013 and 2014 versions of the Open Dataset, showing it's development over the last three years.