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Posted on Monday August 14, 2017

Thematic Collections

Thematic collections take audiences deep into Europeana Collections by presenting some of the best material on a set topic in an easy-to-explore showcase.

These inspiring thematic collections bring unique and trustworthy resources from the whole range of cultural heritage institutions into one place. Instead of doing their own searching, audiences can simply browse and follow their own instinct and interest. And because these resources are often available for reuse, people can share and create new things with them too.

Europeana's thematic collections are curated, selected and developed by cultural heritage partners throughout Europe. As well as the search and browse opportunities that you find on Europeana Collections, partners provide subject-specific editorial to bring the collection to life and to get audiences even more deeply involved. Developing a thematic collection is a great opportunity for partners who wish to use the Europeana platform to its fullest to reach wider audiences.

By segmenting our collections thematically, we make it easier for people to find what they're interested in and give them a better experience in the process. It also means we can reach out to specific communities and ask them to get involved - for example by improving our data with annotations, corrections, and contributions.

Europeana Art 

Europeana Art is a thematic collection that brings together artworks from institutions across Europe, including paintings, drawings, and prints. It is supported by an external Advisory Board. Europeana Art features a variety of regularly updated editorial content, including blog posts, online exhibitions, and highlighted collections. Europeana Art editorial activity is focussed around thematic campaigns (‘seasons’) which promote high-quality art from partners across Europe. The purpose of seasons is to encourage partner collaboration and inspire audience engagement.

Europeana Fashion

Europeana Fashion showcases hundreds of thousands of records from 40 institutions across Europe, including historical dresses, accessories and catwalk photographs. It is managed by the Europeana Fashion Heritage Association. It features curated editorial content through blog posts, online exhibitions and highlighted content. Its dedicated landing page design focuses on promoting editorial content and encouraging audiences to browse content (with less focus on searching). Specific fashion-related facets (such as designer, item type, technique) help people filter their searches to find specific content. A date filter allows people to narrow searches to find content relating to time periods. 

Europeana Music

Europeana Music is a thematic collection of more than 250,000 music-related resources from around Europe, including music recordings, pieces of sheet music, musical instruments and more. Europeana Music features curated editorial content through blog posts, online exhibitions, and content highlights. Managed initially by the Europeana Sounds consortium, editorial plans for Europeana Music are arranged in a calendar and rotated by member organizations on a monthly basis. Under the banner of Europeana Sounds, the Europeana Radio project was developed giving people a way to discover and listen to the music from Europeana Music.

Europeana Photography 

Photography thematic collection, with over 1 million objects, opens up Europe’s rich photographic heritage to offer a curated and engaging experience for both professional users and the general public. Curated by the Photoconsortium, it offers data providers the opportunity for their cultural collections to be more visible, seen in context with collections of other data providers and in exhibitions, blogs, and other editorial outputs. This collection’s exclusivity and versatility represent and showcase many well-known photographic gems, as well as lesser-known or previously undisclosed collections.

Europeana 1914-1918

Europeana 1914-1918 is a thematic collection of stories, films and historical material about the First World War from across Europe. It brings together content and resources from three major European projects, each dealing with different types of First World War material. The result is an archive that allows the national collections of libraries to sit beside personal stories and treasures and important film archives. Since 2011, Europeana 1914-1918 has worked with partners in 22 countries to hold family history roadshows to which the public bring their documents, artifacts, and stories from the First World War to be can be scanned or photographed and added to the archive.

Europeana Migration 

The Europeana Migration collection brings together digital collections dedicated to the theme of migration to, from and within Europe, sourced from both cultural heritage institutions and the public. The collection will grow in size and scope throughout 2018 as new content is added from collection events, online submissions, the collections of dedicated migration museums, and both existing and new Europeana data partners.

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