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Posted on Monday August 14, 2017

Online Exhibitions

Europeana Exhibitions is a place for you, our partner, to tell vivid stories about your collections and to curate your own narrative!

With Europeana Collections we provided you with the space to showcase your content. Now, we are providing you with a space to share your knowledge. This is your chance to bring the highlights of your collection to life by adding interesting information and creating stories that can be viewed in a new, visually appealing format.

Have an idea for an online exhibition? Get in touch with our Exhibitions Coordinator:

At the moment we are focusing on exhibitions related to one of these thematic collections:

Please note: Exhibitions connected with the thematic collections will have our priority. However, if you feel you have a story worth sharing, which goes beyond an existing thematic collection or crosses over between thematic collections, we are also keen to explore this with you. Either way, Maggy would like to speak to you!

Selecting your items

Think quality not quantity. Be selective - a single exhibition should have 10-20 images. Each image has to be at least 1200px wide. You can also embed audio and video materials, but currently there is no display for text files. 80% of your items must be available via Europeana Collections or will be shortly. Please make sure that the materials you want to use are copyright free (PD, CC0) or licensed in a way that allows us to include them in the exhibition (Creative Commons licenses: CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC, CC BY-NC-SA). In case they are not, you need to acquire in time copyright holder’s permission to use those materials.

Writing the text

Your exhibition text should be light, engaging and informative. The best size of the exhibition is between 1.000 and 3.000 words. Don’t forget that your exhibition will be viewed by a general audience as well as those with deeper understanding of the subject. Please make sure your story can stand alone as an engaging narrative, independent of the visual items.

What will Europeana do?

  • We will provide support and guidance in the process of publishing.
  • We will promote your exhibition through our appropriate channels (social media, newsletter, etc).
  • We will provide you with statistics about the traffic on your exhibition.

Europeana won't be responsible for proofreading or editing your text. Although, we reserve the right to make editorial changes before publishing your exhibition. If your exhibition does not meet our Exhibitions requirements, we may ask to change it and therefore postpone previously agreed launch dates.