Presto4U identified useful results of research into digital audiovisual preservation and raised awareness and improved the adoption of these both by technology and service providers as well as media owners.

Posted on Monday December 15, 2014

Updated on Wednesday March 11, 2020

1 January 2013 to 31 December 2014
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Presto4U is a two-year project supported by a core group of 14 PrestoCentre member organsations. The project will deliver new tools and services to connect the different constituencies involved in AV media preservation: expert users, who understand the problems and require technological solutions; researchers who can develop the fundamental knowledge; and technology providers who can commercialize research results as sustainable tools and services.

The project helps PrestoCentre to put a special emphasis on meeting the needs of smaller collections, private sector media owners and new stakeholders. The project will establish nine communities of practice in AV digital preservation, each based on a shared concern, a shared set of problems and a common pursuit of technological solutions related to the particular custodial practices and preservation challenges in a principal sub-sector of AV media. These communities of practice, collectively and individually, will function as a crucial reference point and exchange environment, pooling the available expertise between the academic research, media, culture and industry sectors.


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