J-Ark - European Jewish Community Archive

This project aims to promote the adoption of eArchiving solutions and standards by the European cultural heritage sector, using Jewish heritage as its source material.

Posted on Wednesday August 25, 2021

Updated on Wednesday September 8, 2021

1 September 2021 to 28 February 2023
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Five slim strips of stained glass
[Glas-in-lood raam westkant J. Obrecht Synagoge]
Willem Bogtman
(1882-1955) - 1927
Joods Historisch Museum

J-Ark -European Jewish Community Archive will connect the eArchiving, Europeana, and eTranslation CEF digital services to support long-term viability and sustainability of Jewish heritage archives in an integrated long-term preservation platform named J-Ark. 

This online solution will offer cloud services to ingest, preserve and distribute a wide range of heritage materials, including oral history interviews and recordings, historical photographs, documents, and more. J-Ark will be based on RODA, a mature open-source digital preservation platform, and will be customised according to the project needs.   

J-Ark will provide built-in support for Europeana and eTranslation DSIs. As a result, the ingested heritage materials will be offered to Europeana for publishing and automatically translated into the European languages of choice.  The long-term sustainability of the system will be ensured through a combination of public funding, private funding (including from Jewish philanthropy) and usage fees. 

This project is an eArchiving Generic Services project, and it is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.

Project partners 

  1. Pangeanic - Spain (coordinator)

  2. Stichting Jewish Heritage Network - Netherlands

  3. Keep Solutions - Portugal 

  4. Europeana Foundation -  Netherlands

  5. Ośrodek “Brama Grodzka - Poland

  6. Jewish Community of Lithuania - Lithuania