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EUscreenXL is a three-year project that aggregates a comprehensive body of professional audiovisual content and makes it accessible through Europeana and the EUscreenXL portal.

Posted on Tuesday September 9, 2014

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

1 March 2013 to 29 February 2016
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The project consortium consists of 20 leading audiovisual archives, excellent media scholars, skilled technical service providers and the EBU. The partnership has established alliances with key stakeholders as the Europeana Foundation, FIAT/IFTA.

EUscreenXL represents a considerable segment of Europe's creative industries and has a particular strong link to the public service broadcasting community. It provides Europeana with about 1.000.000 metadata records giving access to digital content held by European providers, and 20.000 high quality contextualised programmes for public access on the EUscreen portal (in addition to the 40.000 already present).

EUscreenXL extends thoroughly the operational EUscreen platform. By implementing cloud-based technologies a wide community of content providers will be able to contribute their content to Europeana. By providing functionalities to support quality contextualisation and re-use of digital content the project will use established web 2.0 practices – with a distinct scientifically driven approach. This ensures a balanced access to accurate content. Through three innovative user engagement pilots the project also develops and tests ways of usage within three target groups; the general public (re-use), researchers (digital humanities), and the creative industries (content delivery).

EUscreenXL does not only try to define new coming audiovisual practices for the heritage domain and tackle the fragmentation within the audiovisual sector by establishing apt protocols. Most importantly, the project maximises awareness for a shared pan-European audiovisual content policy among archives, heritage institutions and broadcasters across Europe – and, in effect, substantially increases the online presence of digitised audiovisual heritage in Europeana.


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