The European Film Gateway

The European Film Gateway (EFG) unlocked the richness of Europe's film archives for Europeana users and cinema lovers all over the world.

Posted on Tuesday September 9, 2014

Updated on Wednesday March 11, 2020

1 September 2008 to 31 August 2011
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Today, digitised collections of moving images and film-related material are growing fast, yet many of these materials are inaccessible because they are stored on local servers or physical storage media only.

Initiated by the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (ACE) and the Europeana Foundation, EFG project developed an online portal, which provides unprecedented access to around 550,000 digital objects. This unique collection includes feature and short films, images, posters, film set drawings, photos and text documents.

The EFG consortium unites 22 partners (incl. one associated partner) in a ground-breaking alliance to deliver technology and content, among them 16 European film archives and cinémathèques.

EFG addressed a number of key issues for access to digital content, namely, technical and semantic interoperability, metadata standards as well as best practices for rights' clearance and IPR management of cinematographic works.

The Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF e.V. co-ordinated the project, which was co-funded by the Community programme eContentplus. The EFG project started in September 2008 and ended in August 2011. The public portal is available through www.europeanfilmgateway.eu

The European Film Gateway is linked to Europeana, enabling users to explore not only the film-related material but also related holdings in Europe's museums and galleries, archives, libraries and audiovisual organisations.


  • A single access point to the digitised collections of Europe's film archives
  • Agreement on common interoperability standards for film archives and cinémathèques.
  • Best practices for rights' clearance and IPR management of cinematographic works
  • Access to Europe's film heritage through Europeana


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