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The Creative School project is funded under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships that aims to address a major issue impacting young and adult populations in Europe: unemployment and lack of opportunities to develop and new skills.

Posted on Friday March 13, 2020

Updated on Wednesday March 9, 2022

1 September 2019 to 31 August 2022
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The project acknowledges that a way of addressing this issue is through education and training and that the cultural sector offers key strategic skill and career development opportunities that could impact the economy of European countries.

The project aims to use the creative and innovative methods and tools developed throughout the outcomes of two Erasmus+ Creative Museum and Making Museum projects and apply them to develop learning modules for children and school teachers. These modules will promote self-directed learning, critical and visual thinking skills by using cultural heritage contents from Europeana and other partner organisations. In addition, the project will create a set of guidelines and recommendations aiming to influence policymakers and curriculum decision-makers. 

The project will also explore the possible mobilisation of digital cultural heritage and engagement with digital maker spaces models, as tools to create unusual and exciting learning opportunities, focusing on the themes of innovation, STEAM (science, technology, arts and mathematics), sustainable development, urban regeneration, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Project Partners: 

  1. Dédale, Cap Sciences - France
  2. Ars Electronica Center - Austria 
  3. Michael Culture Association - Belgium 
  4. Radiona - Croatia
  5. Finish Museum Association - Finland
  6. Chester Beatty Library - Ireland
  7. Steps - Italy 
  8. Heritec - United Kingdom 

Associate Partner

Europeana Foundation - The Netherlands