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2 minutes to read Posted on Wednesday April 1, 2015

portrait of Liam Wyatt

Liam Wyatt

Former GLAMwiki Community Manager , Europeana Foundation

Wikimedia developments task force recommendations

In light of the Europeana 2020 strategic plan, what shape should Europeana’s relationship to Wikipedia and the wider Wikimedia community take in the years to come?

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To find an answer to this question, a Europeana Network Task Force was formed with a mix of people drawn from the Europeana network of GLAMs as well as active members of the Wikimedia community.

It was chaired by Jesse de Vos from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, now at Wikimedia Netherlands, and had a clear mission to reach final recommendations that benefited both Europeana and Wikimedia. This document contains the recommendations set forth by the Task Force. 

Download the PDF from wikimedia commons here or click on the attachment below to read the Task Force recommendations.