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Updated on Friday March 23, 2018

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Milena Popova

Programme & Business Development Manager , Europeana Foundation

The GIFT project seeks interested museum partners!

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The Art Gallery of Jan Gildemeester Jansz | Lelie, Adriaan de, CC BY-SA

GIFT is a Horizon2020-funded project exploring hybrid forms of ‘virtual museum’ experiences, which use digital formats to enable new ways to explore the museum both as a physical and a digital space. By bringing together artists, designers and computer scientists, this project will prioritise user experiences over technology, and aim to facilitate meaningful experiences that allow for personal, complex and nuanced encounters with art and cultural heritage.

To successfully deploy these new methods of working with cultural heritage in museums, institutions need to adapt their structures. Describing this change process is part of our research. For this purpose, a framework for tools, theories, and best practices guidelines for hybrid virtual museum experiences is developed together with museum partners in the Action Research Module (ARM).

This is a call for partner institutions to join us in this endeavour! It goes without saying that Europeana as a partner is proud to assist in reaching out to museums and supports this project.

By joining the GIFT project as an ARM partner you will have the opportunity to build important skills and gain knowledge related to the creation of personalised and meaningful virtual experiences for audiences, tailored to the specific circumstances and challenges of their museum. Your institution will also have access to expert knowledge and gain insights into the approach development in this area. At the same time, the GIFT project offers an opportunity to share experiences, challenges and best practices with a small group of other museums, and, if desired, more widely with the sector. Finally, joining the project gives the ability to shape an important European project that will have a positive impact on museums’ digital engagement with audiences and related capacity building.

Information about the GIFT project can be found on the GIFT website. A detailed document about the Action Research Module is available too.

If your museum is interested in joining GIFT, please complete the Expression of Interest form by 5pm CET on Tuesday, 10 January 2017.

Any questions about the project or the Action Research Module can be answered by Martin Pichlmair (mpic@itu.dk).