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2 minutes to read Posted on Monday November 26, 2018

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Beth Daley

Beth Daley

Editorial Adviser , Europeana Foundation

Technoculture podcast - Creating value from cultural data in the age of digital transformation with Harry Verwayen

'Technoculture' is a series of podcasts about culture, technology and the human condition. In episode nine, Federica Bressan, a post-doctoral researcher at Ghent University, talks to Europeana Foundation Executive Director Harry Verwayen about all things Europeana.

Technoculture: the podcast
Technoculture: the podcast
Federica Bressan

What is Technoculture?

Talking about the podcast series, Federica says, 'I find myself critical of generic statements like "digital technology has revolutionised our lives" or "robots will steal our jobs." These statements are true... but not true enough. I want to look into these statements and see what we’re overlooking. This podcast is not about my research work - nor about myself. It is about people, words, and ideas. I talk to guests with the most diverse backgrounds in the fields of research, technology, art, and science. I ask questions. Because I am curious and that’s what I do!'

Topics covered by the podcast series so far include digital forensics, Marie Curie, the European Year of Cultural Heritage and musical robotics.

Creating value from cultural data in the age of digital transformation with Harry Verwayen

In this 50-minute episode, Federica talks to Harry Verwayen with an eye to getting to the bottom of what Europeana is, does and aspires to be.

Federica says, 'I asked Harry what the objectives of Europeana as an organisation are, and how they have changed during the past decade; who supports Europeana and most importantly what it does for the communities of users across the world. What is its asset, its vision, and what services it offers. Turns out, Harry is very passionate about his job and showed a genuine love for our collective heritage, love that means knowledge and understanding of its meaning and value. However Harry's talents are also grounded in management and practice, and most needed in this sector: I asked him about his ideas on making cultural heritage more 'appealing' from the economic point of view, that is, how to combine culture and economy in a virtuous way.' 

Listen to the podcast to find out what Harry had to say...

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